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Is your home looking too cramped and do you discover that you hardly got the space to do anything? Perhaps you have aimed to declutter however not too crazy about offering or tossing anything out? If so, then you may want to think about leasing budget friendly self- storage systems near you.

Small storage facilities in Australia are ideal for freeing your home with stuff that is just idly taking up space- excess furnishings, vacation designs and other items that you barely use throughout the year. Furthermore, rental storage companies take it upon themselves to ensure that whatever you save comes out in the same pristine condition with a complete series of security steps like CCTV cameras, digital access controls, pest-proofing treatments and more.

The rental expense of a small storage unit

Indeed, a rental storage unit gives you access to all the space you will ever need and puts your mind at ease. Renting a  small storage unit means that in return for paying a low monthly fee, you can continue to utilise the storage system for as long as you require.

The rental price of a small storage unit depends on the quantity of storage area it provides and whether it includes other functions like digital access and climate control. A little storage system (1.5 m x 3m x 3m) will cost you about $75 per month and big enough to store furnishings, documentation, power tools and vacation decorations.

You can anticipate paying more for storage systems with features like drawers and environment control. The latter is particularly useful for individuals wanting to organise their storage unit as efficiently as possible.

Naturally, not all functions are worth the included expense, and you would want to ensure that you are not wasting your money on things that you do not require. For instance, environment control may appear like a smart idea as it maintains temperature and humidity levels inside the storage unit. However, you might not need it unless you are storing something conscious temperature level and humidity – masterpieces, antique furniture, delicate electronic devices and so forth.


With an increasing number of people telecommuting and running home businesses, the home office has become ubiquitous. But when it comes to home improvement and home decor, people often overlook their home offices – even if they spend eight hours a day there.

If you’re ready to give your home office a makeover, or if you’re in the process of converting one of your rooms into a home office, here are some elements to take into consideration when designing your home improvement plan.

Your Desk

Your desk may be your workstation, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego style. Forget the industrial look of a metal desk, and instead opt for furniture that is an extension of your home decor. You might love the richness of beautiful cherry wood, or you may like the minimalism and futuristic style of glass.

If your home office is in a room that does double duty – for example, as a guest bedroom – you may want an all-in-one set that more closely resembles an armoire. On the other hand, if your home office is your primary place of business, you may need something larger, such as a corner desk with a center computer station and work surfaces to either side.

Your Chair

Embrace both comfort and style when selecting a chair for your home office. If the room is fairly large and you select a cherry or walnut desk, for example, a leather executive chair might be a nice touch. If you don’t have a lot of room, you may want to try an ergonomic kneeling chair. A wooden chair with back slats and a leather seat builds a bridge between functionality and interior home decor, or you can opt for the latest trend in office chairs – a chair with a frameless back that shapes itself to your body.


The amount and type of storage space you will need depends upon how you utilize your home office. If you primarily use the space for Web browsing and paying bills, you won’t need advanced storage solutions. However, if your home office is your primary place of business, you may need the equivalent of drawers, cabinets, and bookshelves. Again, keep in mind that this room doesn’t need to replicate a place of business; the goal is to integrate the space with the rest of your interior home decor. For example, if you need a file cabinet but don’t have to access it everyday, you can drape a piece of fabric over it, much as you would an end table. Or, you can opt to buy a cart that features wicker file bins, which provides all the functionality you need without sacrificing style.

Personal Touches

Be sure to incorporate personal touches into your home office. A beautiful shade of paint, framed family photos, a small indoor fountain, and creative lighting can make it a pleasure to work from home. When designing your home improvement plan, be sure to create a home office that features colors, fabrics, and objects that make your heart soar.